N Koehn Tile


El Campo, TX


A tile project, and specifically a tile shower, is an exacting system that any one point not done correctly can cause a failure. A tile shower is one of the most challenging environments in your home. Just think about what all is required here; constant moisture combined with body oils, soaps and shampoos, yet it needs to be aesthetically pleasing, and function correctly for life-long use.

To accomplish this let me begin to help you in the design stages. You give me your ideas to start with and then we can work together to come to a conclusion that is both aesthetically pleasing and yet properly constructed. We use products that are designed for a specific purpose, premium products that will last a lifetime, and still be performing, above and beyond your expectations. We also follow industry accepted guidelines that have been proven to withstand.

I maintain that a properly constructed shower should be fully functional before the first tile is set. Every surface that will come into contact with moisture must be waterproof. And, no, HardiBacker® is not water-proof, it is water-resistant; and there is a difference! Neither tile nor grout are a waterproofing layer, they are a wear surface. I prefer to use a surface applied membrane, as the advantage is that the waterproofing layer is as close to the surface of the tile as possible, giving water the least amount of space to wick up into. This also allows me to conform to various shapes,such as niches, shelves, and benches.

A properly sloped shower floor will drain after each use.The pan liner set onto a flat floor is one of the causes of that dank, musty smell often noted in showers. Then the mud bed sandwiched between the liner and the tile is allowed to soak up with water and does not have a way to drain out,thus creating a constant wet environment. Here again I prefer to use a surface membrane that brings that waterproofing layer as close to surface as possible which eliminates that capacity to hold water on the floor.

We use a premium grade of grout also, not the cement based grout which is so susceptible to grime and dirt. The advantages are that it is much more resistant to molding, and sealing is not required. A grout color match silicone containing sand is used in the corners and changes of plane.This keeps the miniscule amount of flex that is found due to temperature and humidity swings from cracking the grout in these places.

I enjoy the blend of craftsmanship and expertise found in the tile world. I take pride in the work that I do, yet am always striving for a higher level of perfection. If you find some area of my work or expertise that could be improved, please communicate with me. I am open to questions or suggestions at all time.

So what is ‘Koehn’, where does it come from, and how do you say that? My ancestors emigrated from Eastern Europe, sometime toward the end of the nineteenth century. Found in that heritage would be the industrious, yet meticulous, ability coupled together with mechanical aptitude and understanding of systems. The typical pronunciation of ‘Koehn’ is ‘cane’, fairly easily said! But I won’t take offense if you use some other form!